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Cheryl Cole meets Simon Cowell

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole had been axed from the X Factor US show in 2011, but now it seems that she may return in X Factor’s UK version. Recently Cheryl went to music mogul Simon Cowell’s Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles. According to reports, Simon and Cheryl spend around three hours at Simon’s home and it is believed they were talking about Cheryl’s possible return in the popular reality show’s UK version.

An insider reported that Simon Cowell is really desperate to get the 29 year old singer back in the judging panel as a savior of the show after the ratings started to go down. Right now, the average viewers of the show is 8.2 million, but when Cheryl was on the show, the average viewers used to be around 19.4 million.

Reports suggest that recently Simon suggested that X Factor UK has lost its path, and it was also reported that the music mogul is ready to offer any amount to get Cheryl in the show. While speaking to a leading newspaper, an insider told that Simon might pay Cheryl whatever she wants. When the Girls Aloud star stepped inside the mansion, it seemed that she only meant business.

Another close source told a leading UK based website that Cowell and Cole have met many times in last one and a half year and they have always remained in contact. Recently, it was also heard that Simon may fire Tulisa Contostavlos because of her wild behavior.

Cheryl may work with Cowell again

Singer Cheryl Cole has not rejected the idea of working with Simon Cowell once after both of them fell out when they were the judges of X Factor USA for a short spell.

The 28 year old singer told never say never to the prospect of joining forces with the music mogul once again, but still she added that she has not got any plans. In the year 2011, Cheryl Cole was knocked off from the show along with reports telling that her accent was very strong for the television audience.

Cheryl told that she was returned in deal with Simon Cowell. After her exit from X Factor US Cheryl Cole, kept a low profile and picking out to work on her current solo album. And at this point of time when Cole is back in the limelight; Cheryl told that she was finding it almost impossible to hold her private and public life separate.

Cheryl Cole told that there is something which is almost impossible for her to do. People are all in your personal matters, but she needed a kind of separateness. Everyone has a job and they go home during the weekend or probably they switch off after their work. For her, it is all about being herself. At times, it can be difficult.

Cole affirmed that she would successfully exclude a court enjoinment last summer to stop paparazzi that are after her every move. She added that they are not allowed to keep her under surveillance and they loiter around her house all the time – 24 hours.


There has been a whole lot of speculation for the last few months about singer Cheryl Cole coming back to the popular television show the ‘X Factor’s judging panel this year.

From Simon Cowell telling he would have to like to have Cole back in the show to Louis Walsh indicating that she is coming back to the show. But today, Cheryl Cole put a full stop to these reports when she cleared the air via Twitter to refuse that she is coming back. She questioned everyone to get over the matter and move forward.

The Girls Aloud superstar took on her Twitter page early after it was reported that Louis Walsh told that he assumes that she may return to the show sometime later this year.

But the 28 year old Cheryl wrote on her Twitter page that all must stop speaking about that now. She tweeted, ‘X factor was a great experience and time in my life and career but is now part of my past .. Please #letsmoveonnow #newnewspls Zzzzz *yawns*.’ Last May, Cheryl Cole flew out to La to join Paula Abdul, Cowell and L.A. Reid who were on the judging panel on the X Factor USA’s first series. But Cheryl was on her way back home just few days later in the midst of claims that the US audience could not make up her Geordie accent.

Louis, today, hinted that she might return to the British version later this year. The pop mogul unveiled that Kelly Rowland will not be returning and suggested that Cheryl might be brought back in once again.