Women don’t need to sexualize to sell music, says Cheryl

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, the former Girls Aloud singer, has criticized the objectification of women which is quite common in the music industry and she added that the present of climate of raunch is quite hot for her taste.

While speaking to Telegraph’s Stella magazine, the singer told that sexy and all that is great to an extent, but one should not have to sexualize to be selling music. She is sure some women are naturally like this.  They objectify themselves because they want to be like that and that is fine. No judgment at all. But at times this is not really necessary. She added if someone will be explicit with their lyrics, dress differently. It becomes it is a bit much more at this point of time.

When questioned regarding her very own past in her band, which saw the band members dress up as French maids and also strip in music videos. Cheryl told that it was really fun. it was quirky. It was not trying to be sexual. The singer said that celebs could easily become humanized in this industry. And starts may become an object. There are times when you are not a person anymore, They do not remember that you actually have feelings.

Cheryl has been keeping low profile since X Fctor, but it was just yesterday when the Brit singer took to her Instagram page to make this special announcement. She showed her new cut and captioned: ‘#newdo colour is @lorealparisuk Casting Creme Gloss Berry Red 565. @percyhair thanks for the chop.’